April 19, 2019

Ubuntu 19.04

Yesterday I was able to spend the time updating one of my rigs from Ubuntu 18.10 to Ubuntu 19.04.  The process was easy and uneventful, as I would have hoped.

$ sudo do-release-upgrade

Yes, that is all you need.  I did run it with the -c option first to validate 19.04 was ACTUALLY available.

I should note that I was sitting at work and logged in remotely to my system.  Yes, tmux is one of my best friends, and if you don't us it, you should.  If you are a screen user, good on you, but I must say, tmux opened my eyes and gave me config options I had always wished available in screen.

Since this is a test post, it is short, has no images, and us bland. I might fix that, I might not, but we will see.


I have only run into one problem so far:  gwenview.  I have grown to really like gwenview for simple picture viewing and minor edits like resize, crop, etc.  Simple, lightweight, and effective.  After my system upgrade, I found that I was segfaulting rather frequently.  I wish I could say I was being a poweruser and stressing it, but it was doing things like moving the window, scrolling in an image, or looking at my screen.  Yay, first bug report of the release (for me anyway).


If you are on 18.10, upgrade to 19.04.  It is highly worth it.  I saw a post by Jason Evangehlo in Telegram showing Phoronix test suite numbers.  They showed that on the same hardware, he was seeing a 10+% increase in performance with a 20+% reduction in power consumption.  Pretty amazing!

And if you are a Gnome user, 3.32 has huge performance improvements as well.  Go do it!