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james richardson

g33k | tin-foil-hat-wearer | linux dude. An old fart who remembers downloading his first linux kernel from a BBS in the mid-1990s . . .
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How I Started Using Vault

Vault. It’s the “new” thing (it’s actually not that new). Secrets management. I’m sure you already know what it is if you’re here. What I did to get using it: First, I had to find a host that would run it well enough. I knew I wanted to make my life simple and run it […]

Not dead; Just Busy

There hasn’t been a post in awhile, but that doesn’t mean I’ve not been busy. I had been thinking of participating in the Hacky Easter event, but I don’t think I’ll even be able to register, much less participate. Oh well. I typically hate the “oh yeah, I’ve been doing so many cool things stay […]

Buffer Exploits

I happen to come across an on-line exploit development class recently. It is/was a class hosted by the Community┬áCity College of San Francisco, but due to some logistical issues the professor is hosting as a ‘pirate class’ — available to everyone for free.   After the first couple weeks, I’m having a blast in it. […]

Long time Pi; First time Arduino

Long time RaspberryPi fan here. My first Arduino though has arrived. First step is to print out a case for it (1/2 done already) …. Next steps? Who knows. I need a project for it.

centralized authentication

Isn’t it funny how what should be a simple task turns into a complicated project in no time flat? After checking out letsencrypt.org for some web site SSL stuff, I decided it was time to start moving the self-signed certificates over to ‘real’ certs too. I’ve for a long time run some internal LDAP services […]

now with moar https

This morning was spent learning how this hosted wordpress site deals with https. Not something that is intuitive for me since I have always done it ‘my way.’ Folks should now only be directed to the https version of the site. The initial homepage still doesn’t show as “secure”. My guess is there is a […]